Letters - 1917

These letters are organized in chronological order beginning at the start of the year.


Letter to Mother from Witley South Camp

January 2, 1917

I received your letter last night with Teddies and today I got the parcel of gloves which were fine I have enough gloves to do me untill summer again and I have four pair of socks from you and Alice that I have never woren.

Letter to Mother

January 17, 1917

Well I just put in my first day on the M.G. again to day, we just formed an other detachment of 12 men and it is all hot air but they told use that they want to use the most of the twelve for instructors

Postcard to Mother

January 23, 1917

I am fine feel rather guilty for not writing to you today for I had lots of time but I am waiting on my Canadian mail tomorrow

Letter to Mother

February 17, 1917

They have fixed up our recreation room newly painted it put 10 arm chairs in it lots of benches and 14 tables to write or play cards on.

Letter to Teddy from Witley North Camp

February 17, 1917

I thot that I would get a change when I volunteered to go on a transport out fit but before they sent use away some of the big guns got wise that I was a M.G. man and they stroaked me off so I can’t get onto the transport.

Letter to Teddy from Witley

February 27, 1917

I am reading over my letters before I burn them. I want you to show this to Horace so it will be a letter to you both I am going to starte in answering your last letter where you speak about Rolin.

Letter to Annie

March 1, 1917

I was just looking over my little book and see that your birthday is coming on in a few days I guess this will not arive before your birthday and if a German U. Boat sees the ship it will never get there

Letter to Mother

March 1, 1917

I am using the ten minutes the other boys have for smokes to write I just finished a letter to Annie and want to get this away to you today.

Letter to Mother

March 3, 1917

I received you letter today with one from Teddy enclosed. I enjoyed them both greatly, it is the day we all look eagerly forward to when will the canadain mail come in.

Letter to Teddy

March 5, 1917

I have nothing to do tonight but to stick around and read and write. It snowed a skiff last night last night but was all gone away before noon and the sun shone bright at sundown

Letter to Mother

March 13, 1917

I want to get this discription of trip finished before I forget all about it. I have just a minuit before I fall in for dinner I have forgotten where I left off but here goes some where.

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