Letters - 1917

These letters are organized in chronological order beginning at the start of the year.


Letter to Mother

July 28, 1917

I received $200 worth of tracts I sent for to distribute among the boys. I took some down to the counter at the Y.M.C.A. about 100 yds from the dugout.

Letter to Mother from Dugout in France

August 13, 1917

I am considerably to full tonight and it is some time since I had supper but I felt like eating and had lots of hash the we call mystery and good gravy with bread I drank to much tea I think after.

Letter to Mother

August 25, 1917

I am siting a few hundred yds from no mans land, enjoying the real joy of living as much here as I could any where in the world

Letter to Mother from a Dugout in France

September 2, 1917

I just come in out of a shell hole on the side hill where the wind don’t hit and the sun shone warm so I did have a good sleep. We are going to be buisy to night so a good snooze to day was quite approprate.

Letter to Mother

September 13, 1917

We never got those pictures taken before we left Witley and Leeper died of wounds since the poor boy, so many of those boys I have talked with and do all I could to get to change, and they are steping over the line to face God as a judge after all.