Letters - 1917

These letters are organized in chronological order beginning at the start of the year.


Letter to Alice

September 18, 1917

At the y. I sat out on the hill side for a half hour tonight and watched two bouts of boys boxing I dident like it.

Letter to Teddy

September 22, 1917

I received you most welcome cards they were very pretty, I have seen some more shore scenes from the boat but I can’t quite explain any of them here,

Letter to Mother from Somewhere in France

October 2, 1917

I received a letter from Mrs R, D, English today she wrote a very nice letter in answer to one I wrote her some time ago I am in the same little funk hole as when I wrote my last letter and am feeling fine the weather is still ideal.

Letter to Mother from Somewhere in France

October 16, 1917

I don’t get around to write every day as I would like to we sleeping in the hay barns cannot use candles, because they might make a fire some time, so it takes most of the day light to clean up and parade and eat,

Letter to Mother from Somewhere in France

November 18, 1917

We are having fine weather cloudy but warm just like England last year I wear a little pair of kid gloves all the time have had no others on at any time yet since I salvaged them I wore a pair I made a few times before that.