Letters - 1917

These letters are organized in chronological order beginning at the start of the year.


Letter to Teddy from Witley

March 13, 1917

This is a chilly night but the boys say it is the first day of spring. I hope we just get a lot of sunny days now for I love the sun, and we realy don’t get much sun in the winter months here

Letter to Mother

March 17, 1917

I got paid two pounds tonight so I guess I will have lots of money to get my picture taken this pay and have them sent to you

Letter to Mother from Witley Camp

April 2, 1917

This is the dear old S.C.A hut I have spent many hours in, in study of Gods word in prayer and in writing letters it is the real meeting of the christian soldier and I am more than thankfull that t is here.

Letter to Mother from Witley

April 25, 1917

We have had five ideal spring days that we have all enjoyed to the fullest extent I have been working around in my shirt sleaves in comfort and yesterday I went about eleven miles away with empty rifle boxes and back

Letter to Kate from Witley

April 27, 1917

I should have written but seem to be getting less time each week to spent writing. I have cut out about half of my corespondence and now I guess it is to big.

Letter to Horace

May 1, 1917

We are out on Thursley commons to day some kind of manouvers and I brot out a load of picks and shovels so I have a good time riding the night horse and rolling around in the sand between moves

Letter to Mother from Witley

May 3, 1917

We are called up tonight again I am lying on my pallias in our tent all our blankets are turned in so we can’t sleep very handy between orders, I suppose it is a bout 1200 a.m.

Letter to Mother

May 5, 1917

I just came in at the above mentioned and have my supper at the table with me, I left home after dinner and got a hair cut down here

Postcard to Mother

May 15, 1917

I have been over this road and thru this gap lots of times, today is fine again 25 fine days in succession no rain but one sprinkle

Letter to Kate

May 19, 1917

Just a word I am up on draft and the hours will not be many untill we get away so here is luck to you and Otto and the little folks.

Letter to Teddy from Somewhere in France

May 29, 1917

As I marched along on Monday morning pretty heavily loaded down, I was just pondering how thankfull I was that I had not let you come and take what ever the army life might have dealt out to you.

Letter from Mother from Somewhere in France

June 9, 1917

I am lying on my Oil sheet in front of my tent the sun is shining kind of mild, it has been cooler since the big rain, there never was any mud because it is so sandy and the roads are all metal, they are rougher here the stone is coarser and they do not use as much tar as in England

Letter to Kate & Little Folks from Somewhere in France

June 13, 1917

This is a dandy day. we drilled all four noon with out our tunics or hats of any kind on often we were under shade trees so high and thick that it was the coolest shade you could ever get under a tree often fifty men can ly under one of these trees and be absolutely in the shade

Letter to Mother fragment

June 15, 1917

our meeting will be here or with our Saviour where parting is no more. I can see you stand at the door in the yard as you did the A.M. that I drove away last